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Driving Licence Application

  • Apply for authority to operate a motor vehicle on the roads of Botswana.
  • Foreign nationals and holders of driving licenses issued by foreign countries, who are resident in Botswana, must apply for the Botswana driving license, by undertaking the foreign licence conversion process.  
  • SADC nationals do not need to convert their driving licences from their home country.
  • Visitors may use driving licenses from their home country for a maximum of 90 days in any calendar year. Alternatively, visitors may use their international driving permit for the life of that permit.
  • The Botswana driving licence card is valid for five (5) years. 
Who is eligible?

All citizens and residents, or visitors with exemption certificates, who meet the below age criteria may apply for a Botswana driving licence.

​Class of licence

Minimum age requirements

​F (Tractor)

​16 years

  • ​A1 and A (motor cycle)
  • B and EB (light motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of 3500 kg or less)
  • H (earth-moving industrial equipment)

​18 years

​C1, C, EC1, and EC (heavy motor vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of more than 3500 kg)

​21 years​

How do I get this service?
  • Download and complete the Application for a Botswana Driving license/permit form available at the Enquiries Desk at any of the offices of the Department of Road Transport and Safety.
  • Applicants  65 years or older or applying for a class C, C1, EC or EC1 licence should download and complete Health Declaration form (DL31). Valid for 30 days.
  • Go to the eye screening office for eye examination. In the case of applicants with eyesight challenges, the Registration and Licensing Officer would refer them to be seen by an external eye specialist for further testing.  Only after the external eye specialist recommends that the driving licence application process be continued should the applicants return to the Registration and Licensing Officer with the results and recommendations.
  • Submit completed documents to the Registration and licensing Officer.
  • Pay and book for the theory test at the nearest DRTS office indicating preferred method of testing (electronic or manual). 
  • Based on the instructions received for chosen method, undergo test at the appointed time and venue.  The pass mark for theory test is 26 out of 30 for classes A, B, F and H, and 39 out of 45 for classes C, C1, EB, EC, and EC1. Unsuccessful applicants must reapply for the theory test only after 14 days have elapsed.
  • If successful, submit your results and supporting documents to the Licensing officer to apply for the Provisional Learner's licence and pay the required fee.
  • When ready the applicant must pay and book for practical test (yard and road) at the nearest DRTS  office with all documents (Provisional Learner's Licence, theory test results, and eye screening results).
  • Undertake the two-step practical test (yard and road), in that order, where candidates are only allowed to do the road test after successful completion of the yard portion. 
  • If successful, pay the required fee at the nearest DRTS office to be issued with the driving licence.
What supporting documents are required?
  • Certified copy of National Identify card (Omang)
  • Certified copy of Passport
  • Certified copy of Exemption certificate or Residence and Work Permit
  • Refugee Identification Card (Refugees)
  • 2 passport  sized photos
How long will this service take?

2 months

How much does it cost?

The fees, payable in cash or electronic payments are as follows:



​Theory Test


​Question Booklet​

​BWP39.00 - Classes A1, B, EB and F

​BWP65.00 - Classes C, C1, EC and EC1

​Provisional Learner's Licence


​Practical Test (Yard and Road)


​Driver's Licence


Where can I obtain this service?

Department of Road Transport and Safety Offices (DRTS) across the country.

Opening hours are from 07:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

Where can I get more information on this Service

Department of Road Transport and Safety
Tshomarelo House
Botswana Savings Bank Building
Private Bag 0054 
Tel. (267) 368-8600
Fax. (267) 397-1117/1114

Toll Free Number : 17779
Email: mtcpro%E2%80%8B [at] (mtcpro​ 

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