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Licensing & Permits, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Advisory Role


Benefits and Payments

Allowances, Subsidies, Schemes, Grants, Fines and Claims


Recreation & Leisure

Culture, Competition and Sports, Tourism


Education and Learning

Learning & Teaching, Bursaries & Scholarships, Institutions


Health and Wellness

Public Health Services, Disease Prevention & Control, Accreditation of Professionals


Immigration and Civil Registration

Immigration, Civil Registration, Visa Applications, Civil Registration, Citizenship, Residency & Work


Labour and Employment

Employment & Apprentice, Labour Administration, Occupational Health & Safety


Land, Construction and Housing

Land management, Construction, Housing


Law, Crime & Justice

Legal, Judicial, Policing, Tribal Court/ Customary Courts


Living in Botswana

Citizenship, Residence permits, Permanent residency


Industry, Trade & Investment

Agrochemicals, Animals and Plants, Business Registration, Business Compliance, Mining, Meteorology & Waste Management, Radiation, Sales of Goods and Services, Trade and Services


Natural Resources and Environment

Natural Resources, Environmental Management


Social Services

Social Upliftment Programme, Disaster Management, Rural Development


Communications, Media & Radio Services

Communications, and Radiation Protection Inspectorate


Transport & Logistics

Transport, Transport Permit