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School Registration


As per the Education Act 58:01 section 14:1, registration of schools is compulsory for all government, government aided and private schools.

Who is eligible?

School owners and operators.

How do I get this service?

Submit completed documents for evaluation to the Ministry of Basic Education, Department of Educational Planning and Research Services.

What supporting documents are required?
  • Completed School Registration Application Form 1
  • Proof of ownership (title deed, lease agreement or land certificate).
  • Area of operation should be 4.5 hectares for primary and 9 hectares for secondary schools
  • Sketch plan of proposed school, showing location in relation to the main road and other main physical features in the village /town
  • An approved plan of the building
  • Occupation Certificate from lawful authority
  • Project memorandum/business plan
  • A total of eight references from a banker, religious head, community leader or professionals relevant to the area being contemplated



Before the school is opened the following must be met:

  • Sufficient number of classrooms.  Minimum classroom size: 9m x 7m in size.
  • Minimum of eight toilets for both staff and students (separate for boys/men and women/girls)
  • Sufficient water and electricity supply
  • Qualified Teachers (All teachers should have permits to teach in Botswana)
  • A curriculum approved by the Ministry of Basic Education
  • Appropriate furniture, equipment, tools and practical training materials
How long will this service take?

The process takes 9 weeks to complete. Once the application is received by the Ministry of Basic Education;

  • Application is sent to Attorney Generals Chambers to request for a Notice Draft. 
  • Notice Draft from AG Chambers is signed by Permanent Secretary, Basic Education and sent back to AG Chambers.
  • Publication of application in Government Gazette takes six weeks
  • Preparation and issuance of school registration certificate
How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.

Where can I get more information on this Service

Ministry of Basic Education

Plot Number Block 6, Government Enclave

Private Bag 005,



Tel. (+267) 371-5229/ 371-5230/ 371-5231


Ministry Contact Centre, by calling 16885 on Monday to Friday during working hours or toll-free number 0800 600 678.

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