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Number Plate Manufacturer’s Licence


This service is offered to individuals or businesses who want to manufacture or supply motor vehicle number plates.

Who is eligible?

Citizens and residents.

How do I get this service?
  • Download and complete number plate manufacturer/ suppliers' application form . Application forms are also available at the enquiries desk at the Department of Road Transport and Safety across the country.
  • submit the document along with supporting documents at the nearest Department of Road Transport and Safety office .
  • Pay prescribed fees and you will be issued with a licence accordingly.
What supporting documents are required?
  • A copy of valid identity 
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of shareholder certificate
  • Copy of Trade licence
  • Copy of identity of director(s)
  • Manufacturer's licence (renewal)
How long will this service take?


How much does it cost?
  • Number plate manufacturer (1st year) – BWP2535
  • Renewal – BWP845.00
Where can I obtain this service?

Department of Road Transport and Safety Offices around the country.Department of Road Transport and Safety Offices around the country























Where can I get more information on this Service

Public Relations Unit

Department of Road Transport and Safety

Tshomarelo House
Botswana Savings Bank Building
Private Bag 0054 
Tel. (267) 368-8600
Fax.(267) 397-1117/1114

Toll free Number : 17779

Email: mtcpro%E2%80%8B [at] (mtcpro​ 

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