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Reporting Road Traffic Accidents


When members of the public are involved in road traffic accidents, they are required by law to report in person to the nearest police station or by calling.

The following information should be provided when reporting a road traffic accident:

  • The exact location of the accident
  • Any injuries at the scene
  • Number of vehicles involved
  • If other services are required such as the fire brigade and medical assistance
Who is eligible?
  • Victim
  • Witness
  • Any member of the public
How do I get this service?
  • Visit any police station or police post
  • Call 999 
What supporting documents are required?


How long will this service take?

Our standards for responding after receiving a report are :

  • 16 minutes in urban areas
  • 60 minutes in other areas
How much does it cost?


Where can I obtain this service?

Any police station or post.

Where can I get more information on this Service

Any police station or post.

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