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Consumer Education


Consumer responsibility is the key to every consumers’ right. It is the responsibility of every consumer to act responsibly as the Consumer Protection Office alone would not defeat the injustices that exist in the markets.

Consumers must exercise responsibility as they go about making decisions in market places. This include but not limited to familiarizing themselves with terms of contracts before binding themselves with agreements.

Consumer must be aware of their rights and seek protection from relevant authorities if they feel their rights are been violated.

Business Education

Businesses must familiarize their staff with consumer protection laws such as the Consumer Protection Act and capacitate them on good customer service and have within their internal processes, clear consumer complaints resolution mechanisms.

Unethical business practices cannot be tolerated, and it is every business’ responsibility to ensure good customer welfare through market offerings.  This include but not limited to fair advertising, issuance of receipts, good complaints management and good customer care among others.

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