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Analytical Testing of Soil, Plants, Fertilisers, Water and Animal Feeds


Analytical services are provided on agricultural and related materials (soils, animal feeds, plants, fertilisers and irrigation water).

Who is eligible?
  • Researchers. 
  • Subsistence farmers. 
  • Commercial farmers. 
  • Young farmers. 
  • Parastatals. 
  • Other government departments. 
  • Private agencies.
How do I get this service?
  • Complete Soil sample submission form for soil and fertiliser samples.
  • Complete Plant sample submission form for plant and animal feed samples. 
  • Submit samples with the relevant completed application form to the laboratory for testing. (See address below). 
  • After evaluation of the test results, a report will be dispatched to the applicant in the form of a report. 
  • If required, the test results can be explained to applicants by a laboratory officer.
What supporting documents are required?
  • Certified copy of Valid National Identity Card (Omang).
  • Young farmers need to produce a letter (confirming that they are the youth in that district) written by the District Agricultural Office.
How long will this service take?

Fourteen to Twenty-one (14 to 21) working days.

How much does it cost?

Table 1: Cost for Soil and Fertiliser Analysis per sample


​Price (BWP)


















​ 47.40

​Cation Exchange Capacity




​Organic Carbon


​Particle size


​Electrical Conductivity



Table 2: Cost for Animal Feed and Plant Herbage analysis sample


​Price (BWP )


​ 85.45









​ Copper


​ Iron






​Nitrogen (Crude Protein)


​Crude Fibre


​Acid Detergent Lignin


​Nutral Detergent Fibre

​ 39.80

​Crude fat


​Dry matter


​ Ash


​Organic Matter


​In Vitro digestibility


​NDF Nitrogen


​ Acid Detergent Fibre


Where can I obtain this service?

Visit the nearest District Crop Production Office and District  Animal Production Office.

Opening hours: 07:30 to 12:45 then 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday except public holidays.

Where can I get more information on this Service

The Coordinator

Soil and Plant Analytical Laboratory
Department of Agricultural Research
Private Bag 0033.
Tel. (+267) 3668100 ext.: 8136/43/48
Fax.(+267) 3928965

Call Centre: 17755

Email. moa17755 [at] (moa17755[at]gov[dot]bw)


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